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CitectSCADA is a full-featured industrial automation product that can handle the requirements of any enterprise in a single integrated package. Take advantage of the following functionality included in CitectSCADA:

  • Graphical process visualization
  • Advanced alarm management
  • Historical and real-time trending
  • Built-in reporting
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Multithreaded CitectVBA and Cicode programming languages

CitectSCADA ™ is a fully integrated HMI/SCADA solution that enables customers to increase return on assets by delivering a highly scalable, reliable control and monitoring system. Easy to use configuration tools and powerful features enable you to quickly develop and deploy solutions for any size application.

Unique features like true DCS style redundancy, scalability and unrivalled flexibility differentiate CitectSCADA from its competitors.

CitectSCADA systems are sold complete and ready to go. All the features, protocols and drivers are included, and because it’s sold as one comprehensive package, it is tightly integrated and built to perform.

Unlike other PC-based industrial control systems, CitectSCADA was designed from its beginning to handle all the needs of large and complex enterprises in a single, integrated system while maintaining high performance and reliability.

Citect SCADA has five fundamental tasks which handle: communications with I/O Devices; monitoring of alarm conditions; report type output; trending; the remote setting and monitoring via CitectSCADA.

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