MegaBOT Series

What is MegaBot?

MegaBOT Series, a parcel sortation system which is designed to sort volumes ranging from hundred-thousand to million pieces a day. Cheng Hua MegaBOT is an innovative robot with artificial intelligence technology developed to integrate world class supply chains that provides unmatched throughput and flexibility.

MegaBOT perform similarly to Crossbelt Sorter or Tilt Tray Sorter but the unique selling proposition (USP) difference is that MegaBOT uses individual robots capable of sorting more than 24,000 pieces per hour. Unlike Tilt Tray, each robot is capable of traveling to any induction station by utilizing on the shortest path available and this greatly increase efficiency and effectiveness for your operation centre.

Besides that, additional robots, induction station and outlet chutes can be easily added into your operation center without any added or downtime as it only takes a few seconds to add additional robots into your system. Cheng Hua MegaBOT can be installed easily as it only takes 3 – 4 months for the complete system to be fully commissioned and operation.

Cheng Hua MegaBOT technology utilizes individual smart robots that are capable of providing:


  • Robots can be added or removed from system according to the demand of business.


  • To achieve high throughput, robots are designed to move along the most direct path.


  • Parcel sortation and Unit sortation run simultaneously.
  • Increase handling capacity by additional robots.

Rapid Installation

  • Whole system can be implemented and installed within 3 to 4 months.


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