Training Services

The human resource asset of a company is one of the most valuable and important elements which ensures the success of any company in today’s harsh business environment. ROBOMATICS recognizes this need and has therefore engaged actively in the training and upgrading of customer’s skill in the area of factory automation. In this aspect, ROBOMATICS has introduced an ongoing programme seminar to achieve this goal for the betterment of its of its customers’ competitiveness.

Our Training Kits

  • Basic PLC Training Kits
  • Intermediate PLC Training Kits
  • Advance PLC Training Kits
  • Flow Controller Training Kits
  • Pneumatics Training Kits
  • Customized Training Kits
  • PLC Laboratory

Our Training Programme:

  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
  • Computer Integrated and Manufacturing System (CIMS)
  • Flow Control
  • Hydraulic Application Training
  • Robotic
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