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In this new era of globalisation, the Information Technology has penetrated our country to a certain extent whereby the people are becoming more and more IT savvy. Inline with this, Robomatics has made efforts to continuosly improve itself by utilizing IT tools in their daily operation to gain competitive advantage.

The e-Robo is a program developed by JoinNet to allow employers and employees to communicate among each other more efficiently. The e-Robo enables users to make video confrencing, instant messaging, documents sharing,and etc. It also allows users to scribble on the built-in whiteboard and send the input as it is.

Get your free e-Robo from JoinNet(HomeMeeting) and start communicating with us.

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HomeMeeting Messenger

Web Office Instructions
Getting Started:

1. Install JoinNet program.
2. Run Test Wizard to test your video, audio and network capabilities.

To Leave a Message or Join a Meeting:

1. Click the link for the corresponding office/person. JoinNet will be launched.
2. If you are a guest, select "visitor" and enter your name. If you are the owner of office, select "owner" and enter your password.

JoinNet User Guide (PDF Format)

JoinNet Installation Guide (PDF Format)

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